CCL 2024: Bangalore Bulldozers Stun Bengal Tigers – Recap & Highlights

Bangalore Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers

As part of the Celebrity Cricket League 2024 tournament, the first qualifier match was played between Karnataka Bulldozers and Bengal Tigers at the Green Field International Cricket Stadium in Trivandrum, Kerala. In this match, the Karnataka team achieved a huge victory. In this match, the Bengal Tigers team won the toss and chose to bat, and the Karnataka team got down to feeling as if we went into the full details of this match.

CCL 2024 Recap

Bengal team members detail Jishu Sen Gupta (captain), Bonny, Jammy, Joy, Yusuf, Sourav Das (wicket-keeper), Satdeep, Tarandeep, Aditya, Uday, Rahul, Ratnadeep Karnataka Bulldozer team Kichcha Sudeep (captain), Chandan (wicket-keeper) ), Pradeep, Jayaram Karthik, Karan Aryan, Rajeev, Krishna, Manjunath Gowda, Pratap, Sunil Rao, Trivikram.

Bangalore Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers

After winning the toss and electing to bat, the Bengal team scored a huge score in the first 10 overs. In the beginning, Ratnadeep and Joy were out immediately. Ratnadeep scored 6 runs, and Karthik scored 7 runs to reach the pavilion. After that, Jammy and captain Jishu Sen Gupta settled the innings, rotating the strike with singles when needed. Also, the poor balls were moved to the boundary. With that, they lost 2 wickets in the allotted 10 overs and made 86 runs.

CCL 2024 Highlights

After that, the Karnataka bulldozer team took up the batting. But Pradeep, who is scoring fast runs, created a stir with 5 fours. But Satdeep got out bowling exceptionally after scoring 23 runs off 17 balls. After that, Chandan also scored 9 runs in 7 balls, and Ratnadeep was bowled out.

Bangalore Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers

After that, Darling Krishna, who scored 12 runs in 11 balls disappointed. Krishna performed brilliantly this season and scored more than 300 runs. In the end, Rajeev scored 24 runs in 10 balls, Karthik scored 24 runs in 10 balls, and Karan scored 13 runs in 4 balls. The Karnataka team lost 4 wickets and made 114 runs. That gave the Karnataka team a lead of 28 runs. In the Bengal Tiger team, Ratnadeep took 2 wickets, and Jamie and Satadeep took one wicket each. Also Read: Pant can play T20 World Cup if he can keep wicket – Jay Shah of BCCI

Cricket Celebrity League 2024

Bengal started the second innings, targeting the advantage of 28 runs kept by the Bengaluru team. Rahul scored 15 runs, Jishu 12 runs, Jammy scored 15 runs and got out. Yusuf is playing hard. Bengal scored 127 runs after losing 6 wickets after scoring 34 runs in 18 balls. In the Bangalore team, Karan gave 14 runs and took 2 wickets.

Bangalore Bulldozers vs Bengal Tigers

Bangalore Bulldozers surprise win

The Karnataka team, which started batting with a target of 99 runs, hit fours and sixes. A goal that looked difficult at one stage became easy because of the heavy shots. Karan scored 22 runs in 12 balls with the help of three fours and a six. After that, Karthik and Rajiv increased the pace of the runs. Rajeev scored 40 runs off 14 balls with the help of five fours and two sixes. The victory was won in 9 overs.

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