Bollywood singer kishore kumar birth anniversary: ​​Kishore Kumar used to chew plain betel leaves to maintain his magical voice

Bollywood singer kishore kumar birth anniversary

Bollywood singer kishore kumar Birth anniversary: ​​Vikas Pandey, Bhagalpur. Kishore Kumar, who was considered a landmark of Hindi cinema by contributing as a famous playback singer, actor and producer-director, who dominated the history of almost 90 years of Hindi cinema world, was in Bhagalpur.

His maternal grandfather Satish Chandra Banerjee lived in the Rajbaati of the royal family located in Adampur locality of the city. In his childhood, he often used to come to his maternal grandmother’s house with his mother. His cousin niece and former dean and professor at Tilkamanjhi Bhagalpur University, Dr. Mukherjee says that famous playback singer Kishore Kumar used to chew a clean betel leaf every day after eating to preserve his magical voice. They believed that chewing betel leaves was beneficial for the throat.
Sultanganj used to go to eat mangoes during summer holidays

According to Ashok Kumar’s cousin Somnath Banerjee, during the summer holidays, Kishore Kumar, along with elder brother Ashok Kumar, often used to come to Bhagalpur at Mama Sanu Banerjee’s house and go to the garden in Sultanganj to eat sweet mangoes. During this, while going to Sultanganj by train, he used to count all the stations on the way.
Parents were great devotees

Kishore Kumar was an ardent devotee of his parents. They considered him like a god. They took care of every facility for them. He would never leave them alone. In 1970, when he was to come to Bhagalpur to attend a music festival, he had called my mother and I to Mumbai to take care of my mother. During that time we got a chance to know many things about Kishore Chacha from Nani ji.

Kishore came for the last time in 1970.

Kishore Kumar had come here for the last time on the request of the fans association to attend a music festival organized at the local Sandys compound. There was a huge crowd in it. Everyone was looking forward to catch and meet a glimpse of this personality. The management was finding it difficult to control the crowd. In such a situation, the ceremony was completed somehow and uncle ji was taken overnight from the local circuit house to Bagdogra airport. From there he went to Mumbai.
He was adept at resolving even serious issues with laughter

Dr. Ratna Mukherjee says that once when he went to the Jagannath temple in Puri to worship, the pandas refused to let him in because he was married to a Muslim woman. On this, Kishor uncle first requested him to allow him, giving arguments not to know caste-religion. When they did not sweat on this, they spontaneously spoke, we had come this time with the desire to give a hefty dakshina. But looks like I’ll have to roll like that. On hearing of his return, the pandas consulted among themselves and allowed them to go to the temple and worship.

Was fond of silk kurta of Bhagalpur

Ratna Mukherjee says that Kishore was fond of wearing Charcha Lungi and silk kurta. For them, silk cloth used to go from Chennai to Lungi and from Bhagalpur for silk kurta. His mother, Mary Mukherjee, used to carry mulvari silk clothes for him. Even in 1970, she had taken silk kurta cloth.

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