Amazing WhatsApp feature allows you to easily order Uber via texts

WhatsApp Uber Booking

WhatsApp Uber Booking: People use WhatsApp for chatting. At the same time, Uber or Ola is used the most to book cabs. Now you will be able to book cabs from WhatsApp itself. Currently, you have the facility to book Uber. That is, you can book an Uber ride with WhatsApp. Here you get the option of doing auto, or cab. Let’s know how you can book Uber on WhatsApp.

There are many people using WhatsApp all over the world. This instant messaging service has millions of users in India.

Uber to take advantage of it

And WhatsApp has come along. Uber is developing a new feature, with the help of which users will be able to book cabs through WhatsApp.

This feature was also introduced in early December 2021. At that time the feature was tested in Lucknow. Those living in Delhi NCR will get this feature from this week.

With the help of this new feature, now users can easily book cabs from WhatsApp only. Both English and Hindi are supported languages for this particular service.

Will the booking be like this?

For using this feature, first of all, users will have to send Hi to Uber’s business WhatsApp number.

You can also select the language according to your convenience.

The chatbot will ask you about the pickup location. You must then specify the drop-off location.

After this, you have to tell your drop location. You must then specify the drop-off location. The drop-off location may also be sent at your convenience.

Now OTP will come on your registered number. The chatbot has to confirm the OTP. Once the OTP has been verified, you must choose the ride choice.

Hereafter confirming the details, you will get the details of the vehicles and the driver.

What will be the benefit to the users?

This feature of booking a cab through WhatsApp is easy and secure. The good thing is that you will not need to download any other app for this. With the help of this feature, you can book all types of rides like cars, autos, and bikes.

Uber said, ‘We realized that while expanding our service, we should meet users where they are present. In India, it means WhatsApp, which is one of the most popular chat apps in India.

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