IPL 2022: Amazing in IPL! Batsman hit fifty twice in an innings

IPL 2022 Amazing in IPL Batsman hit fifty twice in an innings

Abhishek Sharma played stellar innings against Chennai Super Kings and made a significant contribution to his team. But in the match, he had to complete his fifty not once but twice.

The match between Sunrisers Hyderabad and Chennai Super Kings took place on Saturday in the Indian Premier League. Chennai Super Kings’ batting failed once again, but from Hyderabad’s side, Abhishek Sharma did wonders.

21-year-old Abhishek Sharma made a speedy fifty against Chennai. Be that as it may, during this an enormous episode additionally occurred, on the grounds that Abhishek Sharma needed to finish 51 or twice in his innings. Abhishek Sharma scored a total of 75 runs in his innings, which included three sixes and five fours. Also, Read IPL 2022: The ball hit this player’s private part, moaning and lying on the ground

Actually, in the 12th over of Hyderabad’s innings, Abhishek Sharma ran for two runs. He was 48 and in such a situation he celebrated the completion of fifty and waved the bat in the air. The players of Hyderabad also applauded Abhishek Sharma.

But soon after, when the replays went on, it was found that it was a short run. That is, Abhishek Sharma had not completed his run and came running with a bat from outside the crease. In such a situation, it was declared a short run.

 In such a situation, Abhishek Sharma had to complete his fifty again on the next ball. On the very next ball, Abhishek Sharma took a single and completed his fifty, and once again waved the bat in the air, celebrated.

Batting first in this match, Chennai Super Kings scored only 154. In reply, Sunrisers Hyderabad got a great start and the pair of Abhishek Sharma-Kane Williamson did wonders.

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